Salt Lake City’s Utah Rugs: The Meaning of Expert Cleaning

You’ve just become the proud owner of a newly purchased area rug and finally have it situated within your home just the way you like. There you stand looking down upon your rug  with complete and utter bliss; happy about the way it fits in with the rest of its furnished friends. Perhaps sad (to some), but true, you look at your newly purchased area rug as a delicate new life that you’ve brought into your home and you happily cherish it in your own way. Just like anything in life that you have a sense of pride and passion for, you feel it is your duty to protect and upkeep the character and dignity of your area rug (cue super hero background music). Utah Rugs can help you in your fight against destruction and crime!…well more like destruction grime. When it comes to Ghosts “who you gonna call?!”…The Ghostbuster’s of course, but when it comes to cleaning rugs, Utah Rugs is the definition and meaning of expert cleaning.

Dirt Determination: How To Determine If Your Rug Needs Cleaning

With over 32 years of experience Utah Rugs are experts in making sure your area rug gets the royal treatment it deserves. Our expertise lies within cleaning all types of area rugs in the most efficient and safest way possible and we strive to maintain the highest level of excellence in service and quality. The “rugly” truth is your carpet sees a lot of action, particularly in areas like kitchens, hallways or foyers. For rugs in high traffic areas, it’s recommended that they be cleaned every 6 months to a year while the average rug needs to be cleaned only every 2 to 3 years. How do you determine if your rug needs cleaning you ask?  Here are a few steps you can take to find out:

Step 1: Vacuum the rug thoroughly back and forth, making sure to get as much dirt and particles off of the surface of the rug as possible.

Step 2: Open the pile and look deep inside the rug to the foundation. This is where vacuums can’t reach. If dirt has remained here, your rug needs cleaning

Step 3: Take a white cloth slightly dampened with water and sample a small area of the rug surface. If the cloth comes up dirty, your rug needs cleaning. (I know, “Duh” right)

Step 4: Flip your rug over and place it on a hard surface. Then vacuum the back of the rug with a vacuum that has a rotating beater bar. Be sure to be careful when vacuuming not to catch the fringes! After a few minutes of vacuuming, pick up the rug and if there is dirt is on the floor, your rug needs cleaning.

Who You Gonna Call…Seriously.

Before you decide on who’s going to clean your area rug, you first need to find out how much experience they have cleaning area rugs and how they plan on cleaning it. If you choose to clean it yourself, get in contact with us first to get an idea of what type of maintenance and area rug cleaning should be employed to keep it in top condition. You can visit our main website which is a website where you will find tips and information on proper cleaning and care for you rug. In all cases, the best advice is to have your rug professionally cleaned by a reputable and knowledgeable company that specializes in cleaning area rugs only.

Our Process and Technique 

When we receive your rug, it’s first put through an inspection process where any damages, stains or odors are noted. If there is any considerable damage that needs special attention, we’ll inform you of how we plan to proceed. At this point we repair or secure the damaged areas of the rug so further damage won’t be caused by the cleaning process. After preliminary repairs are made, high-pressure air is used on the front and the back of the rug to literally blow away years of built up silt and sediment from deep within the rug foundation. This important step cleans the area rug without causing any adverse effects. Depending on the size of the rug and how dirty it is, this step may take up to 2 or more hours to complete.

After dusting, your rug is then tested for colorfastness, any stains are identified and spot treated, and any odors are eliminated using an enzymatic compound designed specifically for treating pet and other tough odors. Depending on what type of rug you have for us to clean it is either saturated with water or kept dry. Wet washing is the best method for cleaning an area rug. If the rug is deemed suitable for wet washing by our technicians, it’s brought to a rug bath where it’s saturated with water and a special biodegradable pH balanced shampoo is applied to the surface and the back of the rug. This shampoo is much like the shampoo you use every day to wash your hair and won’t harm the fibers the rug.

After your rug has been shampooed on both sides, it’s repeatedly rinsed until all the soap and sediment is removed and the rinse water runs clear. Once complete, the rug is pulled from the bath and most of the excess rinse water is removed. The rug is now ready for our environmentally controlled drying room, and once inside it’s hoisted up and left to hang until it’s completely dry. Once the rug is dry, if your rug has fringes they are separately cleaned, rinsed, dried and then carefully combed by hand. Depending on the type of construction and materials used,some rugs should not be wet washed. For these rugs, after they are inspected, repaired and dusted, they are cleaned using low-moisture suds that are quickly removed. Afterward, the fringes are cleaned and the rug is hung to dry.

A concern people are often worried about is color run, or ‘bleed’ as it’s often referred to. This is the migration of colors into an adjacent color area. Typically, color run is caused by unstable dyes that were improperly applied, or in some cases the fibers of the rug may have been over dyed or the pigments may have been applied after weaving. Color run occurs most often in southwestern rugs and in some cases, Oriental rugs that have been cleaned improperly. For the most part, color run is completely removable. The process involves employing chemical agents, but successful results are determined by the type of color that ran, the amount of bleeding that occurred, and the level of experience and skill of the technician doing the work. Our technicians are trained experts in removing color run without damaging the rug fibers or dramatically altering other colors in the rug.

32 Years

Utah Rugs takes pride in their rugs and the upkeep of their quality. With an innate determination for customer satisfaction and quality rugs, Utah Rugs believes the cleaning and care for your rug is just as important as any other valued commodity. It is their passion for rugs, coupled with their 32 plus years of experience that makes them stand out from the rest.