Rug Love Of The Day (#RLOTD)

Happy Humpday everyone! We’ve almost made it to another weekend! But in the meantime we should still be thankful for today because there are never any bad days only some better than others. So if you’re currently reading this that means you have the opportunity to do something that makes you feel more alive than ever! With that being said I present you with today’s Rug Love Of The Day: a handmade, Pakistani, wool composed rug from our Utopia Collection! It has a very simple design that is emphasized with vivid colors. The neutral base color of the rug makes it usable for many different decorative scenarios around the house, while the colors of  its design allow it to not become a victim of being completely boring! To view this rug and many more you can visit our website where we have a plethora of area rugs that may tickle your fancy! I hope everyone has a great rest of the day and remember whatever you decide in your house…do it for the Love of the rug! #RLOTD #ForTheLoveOfRug

Rug #2822


Rug Love of The Day (#RLOTD):

Contemporary rugs are the rugs of today. They are the “here and now” works of many modern artists such as Andy Warhol, Plum Blossom from Karastan, and even designer brands like Calvin Klein. They differ from traditional rugs by the way they look and sometimes feel. As oppose to traditional rugs which are made up of neutral and tempered colors, contemporary rugs are often composed of vivid, vibrant and more live-like colors that stand out. The geometric patterns used on contemporary rugs are often reminiscent of the famous painter Pablo Picasso’s bold cubism paintings. Sophisticated patterns such as curved, floral and polka dot design, are often features that identify contemporary rugs. With the many designs and color ranges of contemporary rugs, it’s easier to find and match a rug of your liking to almost any household theme; such as today’s Rug Love Of The Day composed of a Tibetan weave wool material originating from India. Today there is a high demand for not only contemporary rugs, but traditional rugs with a new twist on them with color reformation such as over-dying and wash erased. For more information on this rug visit Utah Rugs and enter the ID number 30275 in the search bar. Do it for the love of the rug!

Purple Contemporary Wool Rug 30275

Utah Rugs “The Rugly Truth” BLOGisode 3: Kilim Me Softly

BLOGisode 3: Kilim Me Softly

I’ve never seen that guy in my life, who is that? And what’s she doing hanging out with him; he’s a Kilim. He’s nothing but a flatly woven piece of thread! A Rug Thug!…Whoa, cool it Tracey. Don’t go getting your knots in a knot and making such assumptions; you were woven better than that. Sigh. But who is he? And what does he have that I don’t? She looks like she’s happy with him. I wish I was the one making her happy. Oh great they’re coming this way! Be calm Tracey you got this just say hello this time,

“Hey Melony!”

Wow that was terribly forced.


Why is she looking at me so confused, now I’m confused? Oh my rug…I totally forgot that we haven’t truly met before, I’ve only seen her and been secretly in love with her ever since. Smooth move Tracey, you’ve officially just stamped yourself as a carpet creeper. C’mon Mr. Transitional recover! Recover!

“I’m sorry where are my manners I’m…”

Before I could finish she cut in,

“Mr. Transitional right?”

It was hard to hide my face as it lit up with joy and I could tell she caught me.

“My friends call me Tracey.”

“Okay Tracey it is then.”

Everything was going perfect until I was jolted back to reality when Mr. Kilim’Me Softly interwove his way into our conversation with his extra strong voice,

“And I’m Kenny, Melony’s cousin.”

Her cousin?! Praise the rugs above it’s her cousin! I could have sworn within that moment I heard church bells going off. I think he knew something was up too because he gave me an inquisitive look as I continued to rejoice in my head, which ultimately must have appeared on my face. I really need to work on my poker face. I saw Melony smile too, she must have known his answer made me relieved. But wait, what does her smile mean?! Is she happy that I was happy?! Before anything else could happen her cousin became real awkward and began to rush Melony off.

“Well it was nice meeting you Mr. Transitional but my cousin and I must be heading off now. Thank you.”

I could see her confused and disgruntled face as he rushed her off. But before he lead her away she managed to turn back to me and through a grinning smile say,

“It was nice to  finally meet you…Tracey.”

In that instance I felt like my Uncle Pazyryk…frozen in time. “It was nice to FINALLY meet you?” For years I have heard the stories of The Magic Carpet and his ability to fly and float through the air and for the first time in my life I believed it; because in that instant I too was flying. Melony Modern had noticed me.

Utah Rugs “The Rugly Truth” BLOGisode 2: Handmade vs. Machine-Made (Civil Rug War)

BLOGisode 2: Handmade vs. Machine-Made (Civil Rug War)

At the turn of the 19th century with Erastus Bigelow’s invention of the power loom, everything changed. I’m sure Mr. Bigelow had only good intentions with his invention, but little did he know that he would be the reason for a Civil War to break out between rugs; handmade vs. machine-made. The new machine-made rugs were seen as impostors and outcasts and often ostracized for their synthetic make up. Given the nickname “Synths,” traditional practices of handmade rugs viewed them as inauthentic posers, who were a disgrace to the rug community. They were sickened by their tightly woven symmetrical threads that were an automatic given for them. Because of this, handmade rugs viewed them as having no personality and no true origins of history or story. Though bad blood still exist between the two today, it’s not as apparent as it was in the past.

Personally I could care less if you’re handmade or machine-made. And though being a handmade rug means a longer thread life expectancy, it makes me wonder how machine-made rugs view their life. Though we may be valued more within the human society, knowing that your life expectancy is on a limited thread count must make one’s perspective on life very different. Being in the position and spotlight I’m in however, society would never accept me being with a Synth. Handmade’s are to be with handmade’s, machine with machine.There are just some unspoken rules within rug society today that you DO NOT cross…not unless you want your thread count expectancy to be cut short. I think I see Melony coming!..but who’s she with?

Utah Rugs “The Rugly Truth” BLOGisode 1: Melony Runner

Preface: Tracey is a Transitional Rug that has it all. Being part traditional and contemporary rug, he is accepted by both the modern and traditional world. Everyone loves him for his versatility and ability to carry himself in a professional way, while still relating to his fellow rug-mates and society. But when everyone loves you there’s bound to be someone who wants to destroy you and see all that you have crumble before your feet. While people love Tracey for being the best of both worlds, Tracey finds himself in a character conflict; constantly confused of who he is, who he wants to be, and who he should be. All the same while trying to find his true identity and battle off old and new enemies, Tracey finds himself fancying and falling in love with Melony Runner; a modern day rug with the beauty of Persian origins. Unintentionally bringing her into the chaotic tangled weaving’s of his “rugged” life, Tracey finds himself having to make the biggest decision of his existence.

BLOGisode 1: Melony Runner

I couldn’t tell you exactly how it got like this. One day you’re on a loom being woven into existence and the next shipped off to a life already chosen for you. But who am I to complain, I’m one of the lucky ones…or so I’m repeatedly told.

“You’re the best of both worlds buddy! Transitional Rugs are hot right now. Everyone wants you!”

Funny how that works. I don’t want everyone to want me. Just one rug in particular, Melony Runner. Melony Runner is a modern day rug with Persian-like features and a kpsi (knots per square inch) count fit for the story of a goddess to be woven on her. Sometimes I often wonder if her threads were spun out of the hairs of angels. Melony, oh Melony. Of all the rugs I’ve encountered in my life none have ever had the kind of affect you have on me. She gets my knots in a bunch and makes me come undone all at the same time. I didn’t even know that was possible. Here I am “Mr. Transitional” and I can’t seem to find a single word to say to her! I just wish she knew how I felt about her and who I really am underneath all this threading. But then again who am I? I don’t even know who I am. Everyday is a constant battle of confusion; being pulled in both directions of the contemporary and traditional world. I didn’t ask for this life it was just given to me. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but sometimes I just wish things were different. But be that as I wish, I can’t change what I am. And that’s the rugly truth.

Oriental Rugs: The Most Undervalued Art In The World

Some people may look at the 17th century, Clark Sickle-Leaf, antique rug, sold at the New York Sotheby’s auction for $34 million dollars as insane. On the other hand, it seems more socially acceptable for a famous painting be auctioned off for millions and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars, without anyone batting an eye. In fact, the first thoughts and visions that may pop into your head when you hear the word “auction” probably involve some type of painting (personally I think of the paddles with the numbers on them, but that’s just me). It seems as though people immediately recognize and comprehend the beauty, uniqueness, and mystery of the history behind paintings and other uniquely prized possessions; however with oriental handmade rugs it seems as though these aspects are more frequently overlooked. A person is more likely to walk into a house and be fascinated with the painting on the wall (having a birth date of only 2 years) meanwhile, little do they know right beneath their feet is a 17th century $34 million dollar antique rug (not that anyone would randomly put that rug anywhere within their household without strategically planning). The value of oriental rugs are within their history and makeup. To think such a sophisticated, handmade, detailed rug could be created 300 to 400 years ago and withstand the test of time is incredible.

Oriental rugs have a value not only within their makeup and design, but their interwoven history as well. It is the ongoing wonderment of the time period in which the rug originated from, what was going on within that time period and who within that time period did the rug encounter and come in contact with. This is what makes oriental rugs incredibly fascinating. These facets of oriental rugs are what characterize and personify them; giving each one a sense of life and value that money cannot buy. Just like paintings and even people, it is important to look at oriental rugs and recognize the value of not only what is seen at the surface, but what stories lie within. By doing so, you too can become a thread of history within its story. All it takes is a little rug and appreciation.

Oriental Rug (Red)

For The Love Of Rug

Captured history within each thread

An undying culture that’s never dead.

Its’ history’s mystery of who did tread,

This woven masterpiece; once someone’s bed.

A story told in each design

Of important moments trapped in time.

A weavers voice of heart and mind,

Within each rug is what you’ll find.

Its colors dyed from plants and bugs

A work of art of within each tug.

Tales of war and also love,

All this and more within one rug.

For the love of rug. ❤

For The Love Of Rug (Blog Post)