Rug Love Of The Day (#RLOTD)

Happy Humpday everyone! We’ve almost made it to another weekend! But in the meantime we should still be thankful for today because there are never any bad days only some better than others. So if you’re currently reading this that means you have the opportunity to do something that makes you feel more alive than ever! With that being said I present you with today’s Rug Love Of The Day: a handmade, Pakistani, wool composed rug from our Utopia Collection! It has a very simple design that is emphasized with vivid colors. The neutral base color of the rug makes it usable for many different decorative scenarios around the house, while the colors of  its design allow it to not become a victim of being completely boring! To view this rug and many more you can visit our website where we have a plethora of area rugs that may tickle your fancy! I hope everyone has a great rest of the day and remember whatever you decide in your house…do it for the Love of the rug! #RLOTD #ForTheLoveOfRug

Rug #2822


Utah Rugs: Area Rugs That Spark Your Pinterest

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Hello everyone! I hope this article finds you well and in good spirits! And if not may be this will help! Utah Rugs, located in Salt Lake City, now has a Pinterest account where you can view some of our latest  newly acquire rugs, as well as other inventory that we have in stock! Think of our Pinterest account as an online collection of swatches for rugs that you can pick andchoose from. Our categories of rugs consist of: traditional rugs, modern rugs, transitional rugs, over dyed collection, patchwork collection and more! Utah Rugs has some of the finest rugs in Salt Lake City due to the fact that they are all handmade and given special attention to maintain their quality and value. There’s no need to wait any longer, head over to Utah Rugs Pinterest account now and start viewing your new rug today!

Rug Love of The Day (#RLOTD):

Contemporary rugs are the rugs of today. They are the “here and now” works of many modern artists such as Andy Warhol, Plum Blossom from Karastan, and even designer brands like Calvin Klein. They differ from traditional rugs by the way they look and sometimes feel. As oppose to traditional rugs which are made up of neutral and tempered colors, contemporary rugs are often composed of vivid, vibrant and more live-like colors that stand out. The geometric patterns used on contemporary rugs are often reminiscent of the famous painter Pablo Picasso’s bold cubism paintings. Sophisticated patterns such as curved, floral and polka dot design, are often features that identify contemporary rugs. With the many designs and color ranges of contemporary rugs, it’s easier to find and match a rug of your liking to almost any household theme; such as today’s Rug Love Of The Day composed of a Tibetan weave wool material originating from India. Today there is a high demand for not only contemporary rugs, but traditional rugs with a new twist on them with color reformation such as over-dying and wash erased. For more information on this rug visit Utah Rugs and enter the ID number 30275 in the search bar. Do it for the love of the rug!

Purple Contemporary Wool Rug 30275

Rug Love of The Day (#RLOTD):

Today’s Rug Love Of The Day goes to this transitional, hand knotted, wool area rug originating from India. It’s unique design gives it a rustic look by blending brown and beige colors, with a hint of reddish-orange stitching that accentuates its character. The diversity of this handmade area rug makes it a suitable candidate for any environment  seeking to add a splash of class with a modern look. For more information on this uniquely handcrafted area rug, head to Utah Rugs and enter the ID number 31939 in the search bar. Do it for the love of the rug!

India 32939

Rug Love of The Day (#RLOTD):

Today’s Rug Love Of The Day goes to this contemporary, hand knotted, sari silk area rug with origins from India. This is one of the new additions to our collection! The multicolored pattern makes for a beautiful decoration within the household and can be paired with different environments to bring any room to life; dining room, living room, bedroom, hallway, doorway, YOU NAME IT! Being that it’s composed of silk its texture has a very unique and smooth “feel good” touch to it! To view more information on this beautifully handcrafted area rug, head to Utah Rugs and type the ID number 27304 in the search bar. This is the kind of rug you can admire for a lifetime, but whatever you decide remember to do it for the love of the rug!

Sari Silk ROTD

Rug Love of The Day (#RLOTD):

Today’s Rug Love Of The Day goes to this contemporary, hand knotted, K2 collection area rug with origins from Pakistan. It’s unique patchwork pattern and use of both warm and neutral colors makes for a very interesting area rug. Its variation of colors gives it a punch of personality that can easily fit with many surroundings and its Tetris-like design gives it a chic look while still remaining vividly alive. To view or purchase this area rug head to Utah Rugs and type the ID number 22025 in the search bar. Whatever your decision of how to use it do it for the love of the rug!

K2 Collection