A Thief Steals Rug Doctor!

Is there a doctor in the house?! Is there a doctor in the house?!…particularly one that specializes in rugs? Another rug bandit has struck again but this time, he’s taken the rug doctor! (cue old school Batman suspense music). Willie Smith (no relation to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Will Smith) was arrested on Monday in San Bernadino  on suspicion of stealing $13,000 worth of  Rug Doctor machines.  Smith would rent the Rug Doctor machines and then sell them on Craigslist to buyers who were unaware they were stolen merchandise. His devious plan began to come undone when a customer called up the Rug Doctor company to inquire information about  repairing the machine (you’d think a doctor would already know how to repair itself). Smith was arrested at the 6900 block of Conejo Drive in San Bernardino, and was booked into West Valley Detention Center  in Rancho Cucanmonga on suspicion of burglary and grand theft. No actual doctors were hurt in the event.




Rug Love Of The Day (#RLOTD)

Happy Humpday everyone! We’ve almost made it to another weekend! But in the meantime we should still be thankful for today because there are never any bad days only some better than others. So if you’re currently reading this that means you have the opportunity to do something that makes you feel more alive than ever! With that being said I present you with today’s Rug Love Of The Day: a handmade, Pakistani, wool composed rug from our Utopia Collection! It has a very simple design that is emphasized with vivid colors. The neutral base color of the rug makes it usable for many different decorative scenarios around the house, while the colors of  its design allow it to not become a victim of being completely boring! To view this rug and many more you can visit our website where we have a plethora of area rugs that may tickle your fancy! I hope everyone has a great rest of the day and remember whatever you decide in your house…do it for the Love of the rug! #RLOTD #ForTheLoveOfRug

Rug #2822

Rug Love Of The Day (#RLOTD):

Hello again everyone! Happy Humpday! Keeping along the mood of autumn, today’s Rug Love Of The Day (RLOTD) goes to this hand knotted, wool and bamboo silk-made, Tibetan weave area rug. It has the autumn-like colors of grey, brown and off-white that give it a very cozy feel. It’s Army fatigued design gives it a very individualized look and a clash between order and chaos. When I look at this rug the thought that comes to mind is something I like to call planned randomness. You can visit  our site to view this rug and many more just like it and nothing like it as well! Find the rug that fits your personality and home! I hope you all enjoyed this #RLOTD and let’s all finish off this week strong! It’s Halloween tomorrow! Woo whoo!

Army Designed Rug #32574 (2)

Another Rug Is Shown Love: Mughal Carpet Purchased for $7.7 Million

“SOLD!” Slam the hammer down once again! It is a done deal! A rare Mughal rug was sold for $7.7 million at Christie’s auction in London (cue Dr. Evil pinky from Austin Powers followed by the evil laugh). That is nearly double the price it was expected to go for in the auction. The Millefleur “star-lattice” carpet dates back to the late 17th or early 18th century Mughal India and is said to be one of only 12 millefleur “star-lattice” rugs from this time period. It’s a very unique looking rug with a sophisticated pattern and complimenting colors that make it beautiful to view. Along with its “easy on the eyes” appeal, this rug also encompasses great personality and history. The rug was formerly owned by American industrialist Cornelius Vanderbilt II who bought it for his mansion in New York. It remained in his family’s possession for almost a century before it was sold to a private collector in France in 1977. This rugs track record speaks for itself; in 1989 it made a world record price for any rug sold in an auction and reached a world record for an Oriental rug sold in 1995. It may not be a $34 million rug, but clearly the love for rugs is there! Right on! Rug on!


Rug Love of The Day (#RLOTD):

Contemporary rugs are the rugs of today. They are the “here and now” works of many modern artists such as Andy Warhol, Plum Blossom from Karastan, and even designer brands like Calvin Klein. They differ from traditional rugs by the way they look and sometimes feel. As oppose to traditional rugs which are made up of neutral and tempered colors, contemporary rugs are often composed of vivid, vibrant and more live-like colors that stand out. The geometric patterns used on contemporary rugs are often reminiscent of the famous painter Pablo Picasso’s bold cubism paintings. Sophisticated patterns such as curved, floral and polka dot design, are often features that identify contemporary rugs. With the many designs and color ranges of contemporary rugs, it’s easier to find and match a rug of your liking to almost any household theme; such as today’s Rug Love Of The Day composed of a Tibetan weave wool material originating from India. Today there is a high demand for not only contemporary rugs, but traditional rugs with a new twist on them with color reformation such as over-dying and wash erased. For more information on this rug visit Utah Rugs and enter the ID number 30275 in the search bar. Do it for the love of the rug!

Purple Contemporary Wool Rug 30275

Oriental Rugs: The Most Undervalued Art In The World

Some people may look at the 17th century, Clark Sickle-Leaf, antique rug, sold at the New York Sotheby’s auction for $34 million dollars as insane. On the other hand, it seems more socially acceptable for a famous painting be auctioned off for millions and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars, without anyone batting an eye. In fact, the first thoughts and visions that may pop into your head when you hear the word “auction” probably involve some type of painting (personally I think of the paddles with the numbers on them, but that’s just me). It seems as though people immediately recognize and comprehend the beauty, uniqueness, and mystery of the history behind paintings and other uniquely prized possessions; however with oriental handmade rugs it seems as though these aspects are more frequently overlooked. A person is more likely to walk into a house and be fascinated with the painting on the wall (having a birth date of only 2 years) meanwhile, little do they know right beneath their feet is a 17th century $34 million dollar antique rug (not that anyone would randomly put that rug anywhere within their household without strategically planning). The value of oriental rugs are within their history and makeup. To think such a sophisticated, handmade, detailed rug could be created 300 to 400 years ago and withstand the test of time is incredible.

Oriental rugs have a value not only within their makeup and design, but their interwoven history as well. It is the ongoing wonderment of the time period in which the rug originated from, what was going on within that time period and who within that time period did the rug encounter and come in contact with. This is what makes oriental rugs incredibly fascinating. These facets of oriental rugs are what characterize and personify them; giving each one a sense of life and value that money cannot buy. Just like paintings and even people, it is important to look at oriental rugs and recognize the value of not only what is seen at the surface, but what stories lie within. By doing so, you too can become a thread of history within its story. All it takes is a little rug and appreciation.

Oriental Rug (Red)

For The Love Of Rug

Captured history within each thread

An undying culture that’s never dead.

Its’ history’s mystery of who did tread,

This woven masterpiece; once someone’s bed.

A story told in each design

Of important moments trapped in time.

A weavers voice of heart and mind,

Within each rug is what you’ll find.

Its colors dyed from plants and bugs

A work of art of within each tug.

Tales of war and also love,

All this and more within one rug.

For the love of rug. ❤

For The Love Of Rug (Blog Post)