Rug Love Of The Day (#RLOTD)

Happy Humpday everyone! We’ve almost made it to another weekend! But in the meantime we should still be thankful for today because there are never any bad days only some better than others. So if you’re currently reading this that means you have the opportunity to do something that makes you feel more alive than ever! With that being said I present you with today’s Rug Love Of The Day: a handmade, Pakistani, wool composed rug from our Utopia Collection! It has a very simple design that is emphasized with vivid colors. The neutral base color of the rug makes it usable for many different decorative scenarios around the house, while the colors of  its design allow it to not become a victim of being completely boring! To view this rug and many more you can visit our website where we have a plethora of area rugs that may tickle your fancy! I hope everyone has a great rest of the day and remember whatever you decide in your house…do it for the Love of the rug! #RLOTD #ForTheLoveOfRug

Rug #2822


The Foco Rojo Rug by. Ariel Rojo

Foco-Rojo-Ariel-Rojo-Full Pic

This is a very interesting and artistic rug created by Ariel Rojo. This rug portrays Mexico City at night from a satellite view. It’s  features are composed of 100% wool and was presented at the  abierto mexicano de diseño 2013. The orange specs represent the 25 million populated within the federal district and metropolitan area; one of the most populated areas in the world. With this overpopulation comes crisis, insecurity, corruption and crime, yet despite these political issues; art, design, architecture, music and many other creative disciplines are beginning to engender within the land. Rojo states, “All lights represented in the rug reflect the individuals who inhabit the city and the huge possibility and promise that it could bring to them if all of those lights were seeking the common welfare.” This piece very fascinating not only for its’ design but because of the meaning within its design. It’s a representation that even in the most struggling places there is still hope for prosperity no matter what your situation may be. It is also a representation of how powerful creativity is and how it is constantly changing the world. It makes you question what you’re doing or what you’re not doing do have an impact on the world. With opportunities more abundant than they’ve ever been today and more technological advances, how dare we not do something to impact the world. How dare we accept mediocrity to exist. Open hearts and you open minds. Find the time.

Rug Love of The Day (#RLOTD):

Today’s Rug Love Of The Day goes to this contemporary, hand knotted, blue medallion, vintage worn area rug from India. The simplistic beauty in its color and design will give any room a zen-like feng sui feeling. It is said that the color blue symbolizes trust, confidence and loyalty and gives a feeling of serenity and cleanliness. It is also believed that is suppresses appetite for all us eaters out there! (slowly raises his hand in confirmation of being a Fooder)  The brown design with the blue vintage worn look, gives this area rug a neutral subtlety that allows it to stand out while remaining  cool, calm and collective. It can be paired with many different environments and easily fit into place. To learn more about how colors can affect mood and for other interior design fun, visit Rhiannon’s website and check out the article, “Interior Design Colors Can Affect Your Mood.” To view or purchase more area rugs like this, head to Utah Rugs and type the ID number 30825 in the search bar. Remember, whatever your decision of how to use it to decorate your humble abode, do it for the love of the rug! We’d also like to extend our deepest gratitude and congratulations to Stanley “P” The Sari silk, for being awarded as the Rug Love Of The Day (#RLOTD) runner up! Hold your threads up high Stanley “P”, you have nothing to be ashamed about and everything to be proud about! We have nothing but Rug Love for ya! 🙂 

Untitled Blue Medallion Vintage worn look

Stanley “P”: The Apologetic Sari Silk Rug

Utah Rugs recently conducted an interview with the Sari Silk, Rug Love Of The Day (#RLOTD) contestant Stanley “P”; in order to catch up on how he was doing and to see how he felt about being in the running for the Rug Love Of The Day award. This is what was recorded during the interview. 

[Stanley timidly enters from the right of the screen, taking cautious steps not to disrupt or break any of the equipment on set. While talking to a staff member off set, in a soft empathetic voice he says]

“I’m really sorry about that lamp Peter, whatever I can do to fix it or help please let me know. It’s like that thing came out of nowhere…kinda…sorta…right?”

[slowly turning toward the camera he see’s the little red dot is on and with an embarrassed face begins to whisper]

“Are we rolling right now?…we are? Oh my goodness I’m so sorry.

[as soon as he let those words slip out of his mouth, a deep frustration engendered on his face that made it evident he was very upset at himself for his choice of words. He has a seat and begins]

Hi, I’m Stanley “P” but most people call me Pickles…

[pauses for a moment, looking down at the grown while softly biting his cheek ]

“…even though my last name is PICKLER I’m the joke of the Rug Community all because of an incident with a jar of pickles one Thanksgiving. Silly ole’me trying to impress a female rug I had thread-fully fancied for some time now, I ended up making a complete mess of it…literally.  Trying to be the “Fruit of the Loom” I of course end up being the FOOL of the loom.

[looks away from the camera shaking his head]

I’ve tried to fit in; I even went to see a doctor. He diagnosed that my knots were in a bunch due to life related stress and gave me a prescription to go see Dr. Weaver for re-thread therapy…I’m clumsy not crazy Doc geesh.

[pauses in a deep thought]

The truth is I know what my problem is. Being a Sari Silk I have a constant tendency to apologize and say “I’m sorry” for things that aren’t even my fault. Sure I have some mishaps here and there, but what rug doesn’t? Show me a rug who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you a failure. I truly believe it is our individual imperfect threading that makes each rug unique and standout while fitting in at the same time. So I guess what I’m getting at is, may be the reason why I’m so apologetic is because, yes, at times I’m clumsy. But may be the reason I’m so clumsy is because I’ve been afraid to be myself in regards for others feelings; constantly not allowing my threads to shine and numbing and dumbing myself down in order to make others around me feel more comfortable. And in doing so…I’ve completely jeopardized my own comfortableness, and personality.

[looks directly into the camera]

So as far as being nominated as a contender for the Rug Love Of The Day award, I’m thrilled about it. My name is Stanley “P” and for once in my life I’m sorry…that I’m not sorry.

[camera pans out, he exits screen until he’s no longer in camera frame. All of a sudden a loud sound of pots, pans and other things crashing off screen occur, followed by a familiar voice]



Rug #31905