Utah Rugs: R & R With Mr. Hamid Bashir

R & R

Even area rugs need a little “R & R” from time to time…no not rest and relaxation, but repair and restoration! Fine rug weaving is a centuries old artistic tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation; from father to son, mother to daughter. Created by the quick moving, skillful hands of dedicated and fantastic artists living throughout all parts of the world, area rugs are created in such fantastic detail and skill that they often outlive their original owners. However, as much as area rugs are the perfect marriage of form and function, they still need to be reconditioned and mended when damaged. To repair or restore an area rug one must have a lifetime of gathered experience learning the art. One must also be both an artist, and an admirer of another’s work. By continuously honing in on their artistry and handiwork, some weavers have become true masters of the art form.

Mr. Hamid Bashir

We at Utah Rugs are fortunate to have working with us one of the nation’s Top 10 rug repair and restoration experts, Mr. Hamid Bashir (cue trumpets and man with a scroll yelling, “HERE YE! HERE YE!”) Mr. Hamid Bashir is a fifth generation master weaver with over 40 years of experience in the art. He began his education and training as an apprentice at the young age of 13 working under the guiding eye of his father who was also a master weaver. He came to the US at the age of 18 to continue pursuing his passion and to share his wisdom and knowledge with a new generation of weavers. Today, he guides his young apprentices and technicians as he was taught; using the same methods and techniques passed on to him.

It is with his guiding eye and knowledge, he and his team of technicians are able to restore area rugs to their original condition; bringing out the beauty locked within area rugs that has been neglected and making the repairs with nearly undetectable results (think Batman meets weaving). Their work is done entirely by hand and it requires a keen eye for detail and steady patience.

Repair & Restoration Specializations

Our expert repair and restoration service technicians specialize in the repair of:

  • End, corner and side (selvage) fray
  • Large and small interior holesThin areas
  • Tears
  • Rips
  • Moth damage

To learn more about Utah Rugs Repair and Restoration of area rugs you can visit our websites service section. There you will find more information about our company and frequently asked questions. What we do is simply unbeWEAVE-ABLE! (see what I did there). #ForTheLoveOfRug