A Rugs Life: The Killer Kilim Halloween Edition

Preface: A Halloween party is taking place at Utah Rugs where all the rugs are dressed in their best Halloween costumes. Halloween is one of the most anticipated times of the year at Utah Rugs due to all the festive activities that take place. But when stories of the legend of the Killer Kilim begin to be shared, things at the store start to become a little weird and even out of control; having every rug in the store jumpy and on the edge.

[INT. the Utah Rugs store is buzzing with activity, socializing, and fun as rugs from all around town have gathered to partake in one of the greatest Rug Fiestas of the year. Tracey is getting some punch when he’s startled by Melony Runner]

Melony: BOO!


Melony: Ha haa! Mission accomplished! Happy Halloween Tracey!

[Tracey smiles while still gathering his composure from being startled]

Tracey: Happy Halloween Melony. I didn’t even recognize you with your costume on. That’s an amazing costume! You really almost look…

Melony: Human?!

Tracey: Yeah! That’s crazy!

[She claps with great glee and responds with excitement]

Melony: I really hope I win the costume contest this year. I’ve seriously been preparing for it since last year! How corny am I right?

Tracey: No, no, not at all. That’s actually pretty awesome that you’re so passionate about it.

Melony: You really think so?

Tracey: Yeah definitely,

[clears his throat]

I mean you got my vote…for sure.

Melony: Thank you Tracey you’re so sweet.

[she smiles at him and then continues]

So what are you suppose to be?

Tracey: You can’t tell? I guess not since you’re asking right. Umm I’m Rugby…get it? Rug-bee?

Melony: Wooow impressive. Clever and witty Tracey. Clever and witty. Only you.

Tracey: I dunno if that’s a good or bad thing

[they both begin to laugh then Melony replies]

Melony: It’s a good thing.

[both are just staring at each other until Cedric rolls onto the scene making his presence known]


Melony: Lemme guess Magic Carpet right?! Aladdin Return of Jafar edition!

Cedric: You’d be correct my princess Jasmine!

Tracey: How original, I would’ve guessed the monkey.

Cedric: Ha ha I can sense the sarcasm radiating out of each fiber of your threads. But tonight I spread Rug Love not hate. I plan to show all rugs a WHOLE NEW WORLD!

[Melony interjects]

Melony: GUYS! GUYS! Everyone’s gathering around! Mr. Fredrick is about to tell the story of the Killer Kilim tonight! C’MON!

Cedric: Killer Kilim? I’ve never heard of this one.

Tracey: That’s weird I haven’t either and I thought I’ve heard them all before.

[The rugs in the factory gather around Mr. Fredrick assuming their rightful sitting positions within the store. Mr. Fredrick begins his story]

Mr. Fredrick: Not too long ago in a place not too far from here…

[Tracey whispers through a side mouth]

Tracey: Oh well that’s comforting.

[Mr. Fredrick continues]

…a young Kilim Rug was woven into existence. But the story of this particular Kilim is none like you’ve ever heard. While being woven into existence this Kilims creator would die in the middle of creating him, leaving him only halfway done.

[THE CROWD GASPS Mr. Fredrick continues]

Yes, and he would remain this way for years. It is said during the days that went by, being halfway finished and locked in a room with his creators corps rotting away in front of him, he began to go insane. He began talking to his creator as if he was still alive!

[The crowd gasped again as one rug fell out and fainted. It was Isabella, the Overreacting Over-Dyed rug who was known for such things, so the crowd paid her no mind and Mr. Fredrick continued]

This Kilim had gone so crazy and believed so much in the idea that his mastered hadn’t died, it’s said the power of his belief is what rose his skeletal body from the dead, to which he continued his weaving.

[Every rugs mouth dropped open and faces were full of shock. A random rug from the back uttered in disbelief]

Random Rug: SHUT……..UP?!

Mr. Fredrick: Oh yes. And because the man was all skin and bones the end result of this Kilims appearance was horrific! He’s said to be the Frankenstein of rugs; shattering any and all mirrors he comes in contact with; disgusted at what he’s become. One half flawless and the other…a monster.  

[A crash of lightning erupted in the near distance causing a loud blow of thunder that sent all the rugs in a frenzy]

Mr. Fredrick: And now for centuries on every Halloween he and his master set out to find the missing threads to make him whole again. Destroying and murdering any rug they see fit to; never stopping until The Killer Kilim’s rug-thirsty thread hunt to be normal is complete. AH-HAHAHAHA! AH-HAHAHAHA! AH-HAHAHAHAHA! 

[Cedric, who is just as shocked as the rest of the scared-straight rugs, leans over to Tracey with wide eyes still on Mr. Fredrick and whispers]

Cedric: Seriously does he have to the that Michael Jackson “Thriller” laugh at the end? It’s a freaky enough story as it is geesh.

[Just then the lights at Utah Rugs began to flicker and then short out]