Youth Truths of a Mindful Rug


They say that we get better with age, but I don’t think I believe that. They say that we become wiser and more mature with age, but I don’t believe that either. To be honest I’m afraid to get older because I’m only good at being young. When I speak about getting older it has nothing to do with my threads becoming old and not as tightly knotted as they used to be; that’s natural and nothing a good weaver can’t fix. What scares me are the beliefs and thoughts the rug society tries to weave within our threads; making us believe that our lives travel along the same single threaded path with the ENTIRE design of our world going in the same direction. To me that idea is pure insanity. Though our paths are interwoven and we all are relatively connected in the grand scheme of the design, no one rug leads the same path or destiny because no one rug has the same history; so NATURALLY we’re different! Today traditional, contemporary, and transitional are ALL different and yet the same. We now have a plethora of ways to invent ourselves and re-invent ourselves! Whether you’re an old time traditional rug that wants to express their more contemporary side by being over dyed or wash erased; or a transitional rug who enjoys their history and is woven with a more traditional design while still keeping their contemporary edge, it’s always about being who you are while expressing who you are at the same time. If you want to lay on the floor as a rug, lay on the floor! And for those who want to spread their threads and venture closer to the sun like the story of Icarus and be hung on the wall, well then be different and hang on the wall! Let your owner know, “I am forever young and I was made to be seen!” (cue Jay – Z and Mr. Hudson “Forever Young” song)