Another Rug Is Shown Love: Mughal Carpet Purchased for $7.7 Million

“SOLD!” Slam the hammer down once again! It is a done deal! A rare Mughal rug was sold for $7.7 million at Christie’s auction in London (cue Dr. Evil pinky from Austin Powers followed by the evil laugh). That is nearly double the price it was expected to go for in the auction. The Millefleur “star-lattice” carpet dates back to the late 17th or early 18th century Mughal India and is said to be one of only 12 millefleur “star-lattice” rugs from this time period. It’s a very unique looking rug with a sophisticated pattern and complimenting colors that make it beautiful to view. Along with its “easy on the eyes” appeal, this rug also encompasses great personality and history. The rug was formerly owned by American industrialist Cornelius Vanderbilt II who bought it for his mansion in New York. It remained in his family’s possession for almost a century before it was sold to a private collector in France in 1977. This rugs track record speaks for itself; in 1989 it made a world record price for any rug sold in an auction and reached a world record for an Oriental rug sold in 1995. It may not be a $34 million rug, but clearly the love for rugs is there! Right on! Rug on!