The Largest Persian Rug Woven In Modern Times

largest rug 1 largest rug 2

Truly a phenomenal piece of art to look at, this  60,468 square foot rug is the largest Persian rug to be woven in modern times. Measuring larger than a football field, the rug was made on nine different looms in nine-piece sections and joined together after delivery. It took six months to research the DESIGN in order to make sure the colors blend together correctly, while keeping the traditional Persian rug design. The Persian rug is composed of four shades of green, five blues, four reds, six shades of cream and six other colors that accentuate its beauty. Its design is suppose to represent and reflect the sculptured work in the ceiling of the mosque where prayer occurs. Truly amazing in every way imaginable, this rug is definitely a masterpiece work of art and beautiful to look at.