Jonathan Bréchignac’s UnbeWEAVEABLE Drawing

There are just some things in life that you look at and ask, “How in the world was that made by a human?” When coming across Jonathan Bréchignac’s SUPER DETAILED, Bic pen drawing of an actual approximate sized, Pakistani prayer rug; my jaw dropped and still hasn’t been able to close completely or correctly. Jonathan Bréchignac, the art director of the Paris based design studio Joe & Nathan, has been working on a series of carpet drawings using only pencil and Bic pens to capture every detail of each rug. Bréchignac wanted to use the simple instrument to illustrate and demonstrate the idea of the “less is more” concept. His inspiration comes from all different types of art such as: French roman, traditional Japanese, native American and Mexican; as well as military camouflage and animal patterns. What a masterpiece it is.

JB Bic Pic 8

JB Bic Pic 1 JB Bic Pic 2 JB Bic Pic 3 JB Bic Pic 4 JB Bic Pic 5 JB Bic Pic 6 JB Bic Pic 7JB Bic Pic 9