COMING SOON! Utah Rugs New Webisode: “A Rugs Life”


You ever wonder what rugs would be like if they were alive? What they might say? How they might feel or see the world? Well we are proud to announce that Utah Rugs will be filming its first YouTube video webisode, “A Rugs Life” (cue crowd applause, whistles and chants).  A Rugs Life is a webisode about the everyday life of an area rug in Salt Lake City and his social interaction with his rug-buds  and other area rugs within the rug community. This video will dive into the wondrous and mysterious world of rugs from a rugs perspective; getting the underlying truth of what really goes on within the threads of their designed minds. Filming will be underway the following month of October as we are excited for all that is to come and to share their story with you. We will keep you posted with updates on the progress of “A Rugs Life” and let you know when it will be airing on YouTube! I hope you are as excited as we are and that you tune in when it airs! Whatever you do when it comes to decorating remember to do it for the love of the rug!