Overton “O”: The Personified Traditional Rug

This is an interview conducted of the unheard voice of a Traditional Rug searching for his rightful place within the world.

[Clears his throat, looks directly into the camera and begins]

“Eh eh ehmm. Okay. Here goes nothing. Umm Hi. My name is Overton, but most of my friends call me ‘O.'”

[Begins to mumble under his breath]

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

[Takes a deep breath and begins again]

“…I guess what I’m looking for when it comes to a house is a home ya know? People call me crazy and say that I have a few loose threads in my head but I don’t really care what they think of me. My mother tells me to pay them no threads because a thread is a terrible thing to waste.”

[ He begins to twirl his threaded fingers in a circular motion as his gaze drifts downward and away from the camera  toward his feet. It is evident that he is in deep thought]

“What happened to tradition? Where has it gone? Don’t get me wrong I see it every so often here and there, but not in an abundance; not like it used to be.”

[He pauses for a moment]

“Sometimes I think it’s hiding from us. And sometimes I like to think that I might wake up one day and it’s back! I have no problem adjusting to the new ways or blending in with them. I just still believe in the traditional way of things; white picket fence, family dog,  red front door, neighbors that actually know each other, say hello and invite each other over for barbecues, dinners and even bingo may be.”

[Fixes his gaze upon the camera in a timid and bashful way and through a chuckle says]

“Okay may be bingo’s a stretch but it could happen. I just want to be able to be the one to greet people with my warm and friendly presence when they walk through the front doorway or feel like I’m part of the family at the dining room table as we go over how our days went and the fun upcoming events the family has. And should the Mr. and Mrs. decide to promote me to their bedroom quarters, I just want to be the best rug possible for them; bringing life and excitement to the room while maintaining my classic reserve and adding even more value to the bedroom. So may be I was mistaken about what I said in the beginning; I do want a house. I want a house that I can transform into a home. I may not know much, but I understand enough to know that whatever house I end up at they won’t regret choosing me. I’m sure of that. I am Overton “O” and I am your Traditional Rug.”

[Looks long and hard into the camera with a face of determination, truth and affection as the camera zooms in slowly and then cuts] 

(Here is a picture of Overton in his best suit)

Traditional Rug 22793