Tips When Decorating With Area Rugs

Contemporary or traditional; THAT is the question. With many new, old, and transitional styles emerging and re-emerging; choosing an area rug today can be a bit overwhelming. It may even leave you floored from exhaustion (see what I did there). Area rugs can help define areas, muffle decorative noise and provide warmth, all while making a room more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The beauty of decorating with area rugs is it allows you to express and project your personality and taste. Just like food you can have people tell you what is good or not, but in the end it’s your opinion that’s going to matter the most; after all you’re the one who’s going to have to digest it! With that being said, there aren’t any solidified “do’s and don’s” when it comes to decorating with area rugs, HOWEVER there are ways to pair your area rug with certain furniture to give your humble abode a more feng shui feeling.

  • Use area rugs to define and/or separate certain areas such as the dining room, living room, and foyers.
  • When using more than one rug in a room it’s important to make sure they are not the same size. Using the same size area rugs will visually make the room appear smaller. You want to allow at least 2 feet of flooring to still show, giving the room a more definitive yet spacious look.
  • Another important aspect to take into consideration when using two rugs is making sure that they compliment each other. You don’t want to have it where two rugs are battling against each other instead of keeping the harmony and flow of the room; ruining the feng shui (can you tell I love that word?)
  • Always use your favorite area rug as the basis for your color scheme. This helps when picking out your surrounding furniture so you have a foundation. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose your rug first, but it does make decorating a little easier. If you decide to choose your rug after, choose a rug that accentuates your existing colors.
  • Area rugs can be used to turn up or turn down the volume within a room. Depending on how your room is set up, if it’s an electrifying room you may want to go with a more subtle colored area rug. If the room consists of more tamed colors then try adding a rug with vivacious patterns and/or colors to spruce up the rooms energy.
  • When it comes to the shape  and use of your rug don’t be afraid to step outside of the norms. Every rug does not have to be rectangle and every rug does not have to be used only on the floor. The shape of your rug should be determined by its surrounding furniture and rugs can also be hung as a nice wall decoration.

Now that you have this information go forward into the fascinating world of area rugs and begin to turn your apartment, dorm room, or house into a home! Let it be a representation of your personality and reflect who you are! For the love of rug be bold, daring, caring, and yourself! Good luck my fellow area rug lovers!