Utah Rugs “The Rugly Truth” BLOGisode 3: Kilim Me Softly

BLOGisode 3: Kilim Me Softly

I’ve never seen that guy in my life, who is that? And what’s she doing hanging out with him; he’s a Kilim. He’s nothing but a flatly woven piece of thread! A Rug Thug!…Whoa, cool it Tracey. Don’t go getting your knots in a knot and making such assumptions; you were woven better than that. Sigh. But who is he? And what does he have that I don’t? She looks like she’s happy with him. I wish I was the one making her happy. Oh great they’re coming this way! Be calm Tracey you got this just say hello this time,

“Hey Melony!”

Wow that was terribly forced.


Why is she looking at me so confused, now I’m confused? Oh my rug…I totally forgot that we haven’t truly met before, I’ve only seen her and been secretly in love with her ever since. Smooth move Tracey, you’ve officially just stamped yourself as a carpet creeper. C’mon Mr. Transitional recover! Recover!

“I’m sorry where are my manners I’m…”

Before I could finish she cut in,

“Mr. Transitional right?”

It was hard to hide my face as it lit up with joy and I could tell she caught me.

“My friends call me Tracey.”

“Okay Tracey it is then.”

Everything was going perfect until I was jolted back to reality when Mr. Kilim’Me Softly interwove his way into our conversation with his extra strong voice,

“And I’m Kenny, Melony’s cousin.”

Her cousin?! Praise the rugs above it’s her cousin! I could have sworn within that moment I heard church bells going off. I think he knew something was up too because he gave me an inquisitive look as I continued to rejoice in my head, which ultimately must have appeared on my face. I really need to work on my poker face. I saw Melony smile too, she must have known his answer made me relieved. But wait, what does her smile mean?! Is she happy that I was happy?! Before anything else could happen her cousin became real awkward and began to rush Melony off.

“Well it was nice meeting you Mr. Transitional but my cousin and I must be heading off now. Thank you.”

I could see her confused and disgruntled face as he rushed her off. But before he lead her away she managed to turn back to me and through a grinning smile say,

“It was nice to  finally meet you…Tracey.”

In that instance I felt like my Uncle Pazyryk…frozen in time. “It was nice to FINALLY meet you?” For years I have heard the stories of The Magic Carpet and his ability to fly and float through the air and for the first time in my life I believed it; because in that instant I too was flying. Melony Modern had noticed me.