Utah Rugs “The Rugly Truth” BLOGisode 2: Handmade vs. Machine-Made (Civil Rug War)

BLOGisode 2: Handmade vs. Machine-Made (Civil Rug War)

At the turn of the 19th century with Erastus Bigelow’s invention of the power loom, everything changed. I’m sure Mr. Bigelow had only good intentions with his invention, but little did he know that he would be the reason for a Civil War to break out between rugs; handmade vs. machine-made. The new machine-made rugs were seen as impostors and outcasts and often ostracized for their synthetic make up. Given the nickname “Synths,” traditional practices of handmade rugs viewed them as inauthentic posers, who were a disgrace to the rug community. They were sickened by their tightly woven symmetrical threads that were an automatic given for them. Because of this, handmade rugs viewed them as having no personality and no true origins of history or story. Though bad blood still exist between the two today, it’s not as apparent as it was in the past.

Personally I could care less if you’re handmade or machine-made. And though being a handmade rug means a longer thread life expectancy, it makes me wonder how machine-made rugs view their life. Though we may be valued more within the human society, knowing that your life expectancy is on a limited thread count must make one’s perspective on life very different. Being in the position and spotlight I’m in however, society would never accept me being with a Synth. Handmade’s are to be with handmade’s, machine with machine.There are just some unspoken rules within rug society today that you DO NOT cross…not unless you want your thread count expectancy to be cut short. I think I see Melony coming!..but who’s she with?