Transitional Rugs: Where Traditional Meets Contemporary

This industry isn’t big enough for the both of them, or so was the thought a few years ago. Now with the sudden shift in taste, we have seen an increase of intrigue for the blending of two worlds: both traditional and contemporary rugs. These two styles of rugs combined are known as Transitional Rugs. The clash of these two genres make for an eclectic, electrifying and versatile rug that can appeal to every and anyone due to its interwoven patterns of traditional and contemporary styles. Transitional rugs are the type of rugs that can go anywhere to compliment any room, theme and/or color variation. Like most rugs they come in a variety of style, material, size and design. By combining the best from both worlds (old and new) it creates an exciting design that radiates personality, charisma and life! (cue Dr. Waldman’s “IT’S ALIVE!” voice from the movie Frankenstein)

 Transitional Rugs Where Traditional Meets Contemporary (BP)