Handmade Rugs: Over-Dyed & Kept Alive

There’s a new trend of rug style that has emerged  known as over-dying! Over-dying started off as a method to try to salvaged damaged traditional rugs and has now become a way to reinvent the imperfections of damaged traditional rugs. Due to the unique colors this process produces, it has caught the attention of many people. What first began as a way to salvage imperfect, vintage carpets has become a campaign of color electrifying creativity. The over-dyed rug has become a favorite among interior designers due to the fact it can bring life to any room and is  a great accent of contrast. Below are a few examples of our over-dyed carpets that we have in stock at Utah Rugs! Our company is unique because along with standard sizes of over-dyed rugs we also have odd sizes and take special order requests! Take a look at more of our OVER DYED rugs! A rug that’s dyed is still alive!

Torquoise Over Dye    Handmade Rugs Over-Dyed and Kept Alive Pic 2 (BP)