The $34 Million Dollar Priceless Persian Rug

No your eyes have not deceived you. An antique seventeenth century Persian carpet was sold at a New York auction for $34 million dollars; making it the most expensive rug ever sold at an auction. It is said that the rug is a “sickle-leaf, vine scroll and palmette ‘vase’-technique carpet,” that is probably of Kerman origin, and had belonged to the Clark Collection. In laymen terms, an incredibly rare and beautifully crafted piece.

Persian rugs are considered some of the best rugs because of their authenticity in material make up. Most Persian rugs contain natural materials such as wool that are harvested from animals and other crops. It cost a significant amount of money to raise these crops and animals in order to obtain and maintain such materials. Thus, you can see the amount of work that goes into a Persian rug even before it’s actually being created. In addition to harvesting the material, Persian rugs are hand woven. Each rug represents not only an artistic beauty but the hours of labor put into each individual rug as well. Persian rugs capture the story, personality, era and history of its creator.

Though it is said that history tends to repeat itself, we cannot actually re-live the moments of our history’s past. Artifacts such as antique Persian rugs however allow us to take a glimpse back into time and for a “lasting moment” understand or try to understand the history of those who came before us; whether it be history or her story. Though this antique Persian rug was sold to its highest bidder at $34 million dollars, the content of its existence still remains priceless.

The $34 Million Dollar Priceless Persian Rug

The $34 Million Dollar Priceless Persian Rug (BP)